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Jenny Organista

For almost two decades, Jenny Organista has immersed herself in the world of dentistry. Raised in New York City, she graduated with honors from Berkeley College NYC, majoring in Health Services Management, and further honed her leadership skills at Cornell University’s Strategic Leadership Program.

Jenny has held leadership roles with numerous multi-location dental practices and Private Equity backed DSOs, where she spearheaded the creation and implementation of streamlined processes, establishing and deploying centralized revenue cycle departments. Her efforts have empowered dental businesses to maximize revenue. scale and acquire new practices, and increase EBITDA. 

Jenny’s passion lies in fostering financial vitality within dental practices, while nurturing personal and professional development opportunities for her team. She resides in Colorado with her husband Eric and their dogs, Teddy and Cooper. During her leisure time, she loves going to outdoor adventures, snowboarding, exploring new destinations, and cherishing quality time with her family.


Jenny is someone I deeply admire and respect. Her dental expertise is outstanding, and she has an amazing ability to connect with people. However, what truly sets her apart is her unwavering compassion and genuine care for everyone she encounters. She embodies the true essence of a leader who not only excels in her professional responsibilities but also fosters a nurturing and supportive environment. She leads by example, encouraging us to push our boundaries, pursue our passions, and consistently strive for excellence. Working under her guidance has been a true privilege, and I am grateful for her inspiring leadership.

Jenny has an immense experience and knowledge of RCM. She trained me through the videos she prepared for Dental Billing & the whole phases which are necessary for the RCM team. The training had deep details & at the end of each video there were quizzes, & subjective questions that I submitted and grading was done accordingly. I was so excited and felt that I was becoming an expert Dental Biller. Jenny Organista covered all the aspects of Dental Billing Training and RCM modules. I learned a lot from her & now I am an expert in Dental Billing. I feel that I am a Dentist rather than a Dental Biller. I love the way of training that Jenny provides and she is a true leader of RCM.

Working with Jenny was an awesome experience. Knowing how RCM works became simple enough for a non-experienced in RCM like me who started from scratch – Now I get to know how RCM works.

I have worked with Jenny Organista for a couple of years now, and I can say that working with her has been amazing! She makes everything that seems impossible, possible!

Working with Jenny Organista has given me tremendous insight and knowledge about Revenue Cycle Management which I thought I have great knowledge already. There were a few instances I never knew I would encounter but luckily, I have Jenny with me to give me a heads up to deal with what was thought to be the potential issues which aren’t issues for long as we always have an action plan set in place in case we end up in the situation. From the get-go, Jenny can analyze the practice and start targeting the most impactful matter to work on in the most efficient way possible!

I started as an employee who does the verification of insurance. At that time, I had ZERO EXPERIENCE in credentialing and I felt so scared and skeptical wondering if I was doing the right thing until Jenny went in and started to teach me the processes and protocols in credentialing. What I thought as an abstract was just black and white. The training with Jenny was fun and challenging at the same time, making me hungry to learn more. I also learned how to perform insurance analysis, UCR analysis, Set up EFTs and ERAs, choose the most cost-effective tool for the company to benefit from, and all other credentialing stuff. With Jenny’s help, in just a couple of months, I was promoted to Credentialing Manager.

The most important things I’ve learned from Jenny are the following:

  • to be Humble
  • to be Hungry
  • to Hustle
  • to be Emotionally Intelligent

I currently live my life with these and it has helped me tremendously to grow not just professionally, but also personally.

I am delighted to provide a heartfelt testimonial for my esteemed professional colleague Jenny Organista. Having the privilege of working closely with Jenny, I can confidently say that she is an expectational professional. Throughout our collaboration, I have witnessed her dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence. One of her standout qualities is her profound knowledge and expertise in Revenue Cycle Operations. Jenny possesses an impressive breadth of knowledge in this area and is up on industry trends and brings a level of creativity and strategic skills to move RCM in a direction that has yet to be seen. However, I think the most important message to send is how Jenny treats others. She is passionate about engagement and an inclusive work environment. She leads by example, demonstrating integrity, and compassion. Her approachable nature and willingness to lend a helping hand have made her an invaluable resource to colleagues at all levels. She exhibits remarkable problem-solving skills and when faced with challenges, she tackles them with poise and resourcefulness, consistently finding creative solutions to complex issues. Simply said Jenny is the BEST OF THE BEST! I wholeheartedly recommend Jenny to anyone seeking guidance in continuing their education in Revenue Cycle Management!

Jenny is one of the best leaders in the industry I have worked with. She is someone I look up to. She is the perfect balance between a leader and a family. She always listens and is not afraid to give opportunities, guidance, and feedback. She does it professionally and gently. She is a great leader, and I am proud to be a part of her circle. I will always remember these words from her as an aspiring leader: “Think outside the box” and “Communication is the key”. Her guidance kept me on the right track as I went along with the projects I had. She will let you discover your own and still be guided. She works in a way you will be amazed at how great a woman she is mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It’s been about five years working with Jenny on Revenue Cycle Management, and it has indeed been a very enriching experience for me. During this time I have developed skills that I thought I did not have or would be able to have, these skills have not only helped me to do my job more effectively, have also helped me to develop self-confidence that have been also a key in my personal life as a woman, mother and wife.

Working under Jenny’s leadership has been one of the best decisions of my life, all the challenges that I have faced during these years have become opportunities of growth, and learning. She has demonstrated a great ability to tap the potential in people and put them in a place where they can succeed. The only way to do great work is to love the work you do!!!

I am honored to provide a heartfelt testimonial for Jenny. Her exceptional leadership skills, innovative ideas, and remarkable team-building abilities made a significant impact on myself, team’s success and overall departmental growth.

Jenny consistently brought a fresh perspective and unique ideas to the table, propelling our RCM team efforts forward. Her forward-thinking approach allowed us to stay ahead of industry trends and embrace new strategies and technologies. Her ability to challenge the status quo encouraged creativity and led to improved processes, increased efficiency, and better financial outcomes.

What set Jenny apart was her extraordinary talent for building cohesive and high-performing teams. She cultivated an environment of collaboration, trust, and mutual respect. Recognizing the diverse strengths of each team member, she effectively leveraged their abilities to drive results. Her skillful guidance fostered a sense of unity and motivated us to exceed expectations.

Jenny had a remarkable management style, granting us the freedom and autonomy to excel without being a micromanager. Her trust in our abilities empowered us to take ownership of our work and think independently. She provided guidance and support whenever needed, creating a balance that allowed for both individual growth and team achievements.

I am deeply grateful for Jenny’s open-door policy and exceptional communication skills. Her willingness to listen, address concerns, and incorporate our ideas created an inclusive and supportive work environment. It was a privilege to work under her guidance, and her leadership inspired us to strive for greatness.

In conclusion, Jenny’s innovative thinking, team-building prowess, and balanced management style make her an invaluable asset. It has been a transformative experience working with her.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Dental RCM Solutions and Dental RCM Academy?

Dental RCM Solutions provides targeted revenue-focused consulting engagements. Dental practices who partner with Dental RCM Solutions will have access to the Dental RCM Academy Content and Coaching programs.

Dental RCM Academy exclusively provides training and coaching programs. This is better suited for Dentists and DSO Operators, Dental RCM Managers, Billing and Credentialing professionals, office managers, and . 

What are the benefits of working with Dental RCM Solutions?

Dental RCM Solutions leverages proven systems to maximize your practices collections, grow revenue, and accelerate cash flows. 

What makes Dental RCM Solutions different from other providers?

We take a bespoke and hands-on approach to partnering with your practice. Unlike other companies, we help solve your most daunting revenue cycle challenges while empowering your team with strategies and systems to ensure success. This leads to happier patients, happier employees, and a more financially healthy business!

How are insurance reimbursements handled?

All insurance reimburemetns and patient collections are remitted directly to your office. The Dental RCM Solutions Team uses the daily scans to post them to the proper accounts.

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